Sunday, November 8, 2009

Top Ten Autumn Days

The last three days and today are truly "Top Ten Autumn Days." It has been amazingly beautiful out here in Omaha with perfect warm weather. True you have to rake the leaves now, but the smell of autumn is rich and rustic. It brings to mind younger days when piling up leaves and jumping in them to watch them scatter was endless fun. The only sad thing, most of the leaves are down and the colorful leaves we saw just two weeks ago are not so beautiful after turning brownish-gray.

My dogs spent the day out with Jeff yesterday and really enjoyed the warmth of the sun while just hangin' out with dad.

My brother and his family came up from Texas to go pheasant hunting with my husband, son and other brother. Usually hunting is a cold-weather affair and learning how to hunt while your fingers and toes are starting to numb is the norm. But not this weekend, gorgeous weather fit for short-sleeves and hunter orange vests were all that was needed. Of course, warmer weather made game a bit harder to catch, but we had yummy pheasant for dinner Friday night.

Jeff has already winterized the house and put plastic on most of the windows to shut out frigid winter winds that will blow through homes regardless of how well built. But the kitchen window and southern dinning room windows are still uncovered, so we threw open the windows for the gentle warm breezes that carried in the autumn fragrances to make the whole house smell fresh for the week.

Although we were at an inside event, my granddaughter Jocelyn and I spent yesterday at a basketball tournament. We did take time in-between games to go outside and enjoy the sun.

And lastly, as if to put the exclamation point on an already "perfect day," Nebraska beat Oklahoma in a classic football contest. To anyone that does not understand this amazing feeling...pffft, sorry can't help you with that.

Yep, this was a wonderful weekend.

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Richard W Scott said...

Remembering the outdoors gets to be a problem, I think, the older you get.

Yes it is beautiful, especially in those parts of the country where there are four seasons, but at the same time, other things pull on the mind and heart.

For me, at least, the outdoors doesn't have the pull it once did, and I think that I am less a person for that. I need to be near my gear. I need to be able to write when writing is the thing to do. ...and more and more often, writing IS the thing to do.

Still, I remember living in parts of the country where you could measure the seasons by the trees around you. Where temperature, snow, rain and wind marked special times.

I do miss it all, sometimes. I really do.