Thursday, December 3, 2009


I am sitting here cutting snowflakes, the old-fashioned kind. White paper and scissors can make miraculous creations of wonder. Last year I made nearly a hundred of them. I decorated the office at school and all over my house. I kept most of them and took them all to school this time to decorate the office again.

Our fourth grade teacher Ms. Fennell is temporarily on leave and her sub, Mrs. Boyle saw my little snowflakes and asked me to come to class to teach the kids how to make them. So I am making some more for show and tell.

I think it will be fun to visit the class and watch them make cuts in the paper not know what they will get until they unfold them. That is the best part you know, unfolding them to see what you did. It never fails to make me smile.


R. A. Hunter said...

I always liked the unfolding too. There's something sort of magical about it.

Viki Anderson said...

yah, for sure...just as fun at 54 as when I was 5...maybe even more fun. The kids in class really had a great time making them. I brought ornament hooks for them to put them on their trees and I think watching their faces as they discovered their surprise was truly magical.