Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Guilty Pleasures Listed

Sometimes I just have to have this stuff in my life to give it meaning. I admit most of it is simply crap.

• Playing online poker for hours and hours

• I love teaching myself Spanish.
Sometimes I try to think in Spanish (it's not easy to do)

• I love watching the Food Channel whenever I can (I love to cook)

• I love watching Dog the Bounty Hunter
(I still ask myself, "...why do I like this shit?")

• I love Rachel Ray
(she's funny and quirky and the perfect friend to make you smile)

• I love kitchen gadgets
(men have power tools, women have kitchen gadgets)

• I love Martha Stewart (even though I cannot organize a house —
I even download her podcasts...hey they're free!)

• I love to watch Antiques Road Show, A&E's Pickers and Pawn Stars,
even though I have no interest in antiques or collecting them.

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