Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pescetarian Food Diary Day 1

Luckily I already have a pantry full of veggies and vegetarian friendly ingredients. I just need to incorporate them more into my day.

Breakfast - I buzzed up a can of black beans, a handful of mushrooms, a half can of Rotel Tomatoes and peppers and a cup of leftover cooked whole grain rice. I heated this up and served it in a warmed up tomato flavored tortilla for a yummy bean breakfast burrito. I didn't really miss my eggs and bacon so bad. Oh and I have plenty of leftovers for bean dip with chips or more burritos.

At my snack time I made a quick banana smoothie with vanilla soy milk.

Late lunch was a Romain, mushroom, red onion, salad with a little Caesar Dressing, croutons, and a shake or two of fresh grated parmesan cheese. I had a glass of coconut milk to wash it all down.

Dinner is grilled salmon steak, stir fry veggies and whole grain, Jasmine brown rice.

I think this was a great start...don't you?

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