Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This blog seems to be evolving with my current interest, namely cooking vegan. So I feel like I should apologize to those of you who follow for other interests.

Most of the posts from here on out will be recipes, food porn, and related health finds that I MUST share or the occasional squawk when I am feeling politically motivated. I would blog more about my day if it weren't so damned boring most of the time. Well ok, I am not really that bored, but I don't want to bore you.

So I guess I will go to visit Minnesota this week at some point. We have a date with a fish. Although I am eating vegan these days, I do occasionally still eat fish as I stated in earlier posts on pescetarianism.

I visited my Doc yesterday and he seemed very happy with my choice to eat vegan. As a diabetic, I am 4x likely to have heart and stroke issues. Vegan diets are heart happy and cholesterol free. At any rate, I had lost weight and my blood tests will be back tomorrow (I hope) to show if my new diet has made a significant change for the better yet. On the downside (literally) he scheduled me for a colonoscopy! Crap!

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