Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hot Summer...Cool Salad

This week and weekend have been in the upper 90's with a heat index of 105°. My husband and I were watching the College World Series that is being held here in Omaha and the temperature on the field was nearing 110°. Friday our students at summer school held their field day and it was so hot that I nearly had heat stroke and had to come in off the field to cool down. That was a peculiar feeling to see everything begin to go black as I was swaying on my feet. I realized I was in trouble and headed inside to cool off.

Needless to say, cooking over a hot stove just does not really cut it right now. I was looking for some cool ideas and cucumbers always make me cool. I had to think what would go well with this. My friend Gabi is from Bethlehem originally and is always telling me how good the middle eastern foods are. Cucumbers and mint, lemon juice and olive oil. Simple but delish! So I stacked up some spring greens that I got at the Farmer's Market yesterday, diced up a chilled cucumber and topped it all with a lemon and mint vinaigrette. To balance this out, with a little protein, I had bought a delicious bulk Falafal mix from World Market. One fourth cup of mix and a little water to make a dough. Shape into little balls, I flattened mine somewhat because I was pan frying them in some oil and did not want to deep fry them for such a few (I was only making one serving).

I gotta say...this was sooooo good! I cheated and ate a bite of falafal before I could snap the picture.

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