Thursday, December 30, 2010

Saying Goodbye

I know I am going to be crying pretty much all day. I have to say goodbye to a dear friend, our 14 year old dog Shelby, who has bone cancer. He has gotten to that place that there is no turning back. He is in a lot of pain. It is hard for him to get up and down the stairs to go in and out of the house now and I cannot ask him to limp around for my benefit any longer. It is so sad. I cannot stand the thought of him going away today. He will be joining our beloved Sugar who was his playmate when he was a puppy. She has been gone for 7 1/2 years now.

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Peppi Turco said...

Maybe Shelby will find Lady and Champ even though they never met. I feel them go right through me when I see a photo or one of their toys.

I know they're still around me and I still have thoughts of just quitting it all and joining them on the other side. The feeling doesn't last as long as it used to and I'm soon over it once again.

If there is consciousness on the other side, I wouldn't want it if it didn't include my kids, Lady and Champ.

Call me if you want to talk or want a distraction. My thoughts are with you.