Friday, May 27, 2011

Smart Phones & iPads...

Smart Phones & iPads, I may never go back to my computer again. I find that I am no longer tied to my tower. My Droid phone does nearly everything, and whatever it does not do, my iPad does the rest. Both are very portable and light. Okay, I admit, I will keep my computer, but I am finding less and less reason to actually use my computer.

I am considering a Xoom next because it uses Flash where the iPad does not. I love discovering new apps for my mobile life. My latest addiction is Flipbook on iPad. What an amazing server of social life and lifestyle information. I started out adding Facebook and I loved how the posts and pictures were displayed. So I added Twitter and my Google Reader for all of my RSS feeds. So cool! Now I am adding my favorite Blogs like JP Villanueva's "You Don't Have To Read v2.0". I found really cool content like National Geographic and Rolling Stone. How on earth am I going to find enough time to do all this reading now?

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