Thursday, January 26, 2012

Week 4 Is This Really January in Omaha?

I don't know if I should pinch myself...I might wake up. This is January for goodness sake. I am accustomed to walking out everyday to 20° as a high temp and -20° as a low. I am accustomed to a foot of snow on the ground and more often like five foot of snow that has accumulated from December to January. We normally have days of waiting for snow plows to dig out our neighborhood streets. The sound of snowblowers buzzing has been missing.

Don't think I am complaining...not a bit. I am thrilled with 40° to 50° and even 60° in the afternoon IN JANUARY! We may drop to 20° at night, but I am not complaining. In fact I think I can count on one hand the number of times I have even had to scrape my windows. Did I mention this is in OMAHA, in JANUARY!?

Yesterday I wore a light jacket to work. When I went home for lunch, I left it there. No need for a jacket. Nearly every visitor to our office was remarking on how absolutely beautiful the day was.

On my way home, I was drawn to the park by the tall trees catching the late sun. I drove down to the pond and saw that the water was indeed iced over, but in this moment, it was so warm and beautiful...I had to capture the scene to remember a beautiful January day in Omaha.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Week 3.2 The Make-up Post

Week 3 of the 52 in 2012 Blog Challenge and I need to post a makeup to catch up for missing Week 2.

I have been working on my 366 Photography Challenge this whole week. It is a struggle to find things to shoot indoors at night after I get home. The sun goes down so quickly and the objects in my house become targets to consider for macro-photography.

A photo of a kerosene lamp was scary when I over-filled the lamp and the flame almost became too hot. I had to quickly blow out the lamp and remove some of the kerosene. I eventually got the shot after I made the situation a little safer.

Tonight Cooper rushed out the door in the waning light and had to use my flash. I will be so glad to get more daylight and take more outdoor photos.

Cooper loves to hunt the feral cats in our neighborhood. He never catches them but he gave one a run for his money today.

I wish it was a tiny bit warmer. 13° makes my fingers hurt shooting (with my camera) outside right now. My target this weekend will be to shoot the feral cats and get a better look at the feline "city wildlife" that live in and around this area. I have to admit that they are probably the reason that we have not seen a mouse or bunny rabbits in the area for the last 2 years.

I also shot some food porn this week which always makes me happy. It combines my photography and cooking hobbies and that is always a good thing. I wish I could link the photo to the tantalizing smells in my kitchen when I am cooking. This is Roasted Broccoli with Buttered Garlic Breadcrumbs. Follow the link for the recipe. Yes, veggies can be so so good.

I am looking forward to finding new subjects for my lens. I need to carry my camera with me all the time. I see so many things to shoot when it is not with me.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week 3: Challenging Myself

Challenge I - 366 Photos in 2012

No question that I love to write. But I have other hobbies and one of my favorites is photography. My friend L in Savannah was doing a Photography Challenge for this year with her friends. I liked the idea so much, I stole it...or rather copied it (after all she is still doing her challenge.) The challenge is a photo per day (at least, can be more) for each day of the year 2012. It is Leap Year, so I am going to take at least 366 photos and post them to my Flickr acct.

I like this challenge a lot because although I have always enjoyed photography, I have never felt that I have excelled at it. I want the opportunity to make myself learn more about it. I want to force myself to see differently. To speak with pictures. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well from someone who loves the written word...that in itself is a challenge. What will I say with my photos? What will I discover?

I am always inspired by how young people see the world...without the filters of adulthood. Hanging out with my grandkids and children at the school that I work at, remind me of this and forces me to look again. I am grateful for their vision. I will try to remember their wonder as I pick up my camera with more thought and from many perspectives.

Challenge II - 52 Blog Pages in 2012

Oh and I also think that I have been neglecting my writing hobby as well. So maybe I better get back into the groove. I gave myself a photo per day...I can give myself a blog page a week challenge... my 52 in 2012 Blog Challenge. This is Week 3 and I did write a blog page on Jan 3rd. I am only missing Week 2, so maybe I write another page this week to make up for it.

Nextly...I feel that I have to challenge someone.

Some of my "Friend" blogs that have pretty good fan bases, have their followers because they write more than I do. Oh yea...and they also write well. Their pages are actually interesting.

Do they have more to say? Do they have more interesting lives that provide more blog fodder? Perhaps. I guess I need to be more reflective and creative. I think life at age 56 is still an adventure and I am still discovering myself. This can clearly be a path to fulfilling my Word for 2012 (Relevant - go back and read Week 1).

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Week 1: January Thinking

Everyone starts off a new year with a clean slate. It is our way to reboot ourselves, give ourselves hope, take stock in ourselves and generally say goodbye to anything bad that has happened to us. I think this is a really good thing. Resolutions? No way... a resolution implies there is something wrong with us to begin with and then sets us up for failure.

My good friend T suggests instead of committing to a new resolution, find your new word for the year, her word being "alive". Each day she is going to commit to celebrating her aliveness.

I like this idea too. But what word can I truly commit to????

I love words, they bring deep meaning to our lives.

I had to laugh at my granddaughter J (14 yrs old) the other day as she wrote in her Facebook Page "With are words where seeling are destineys." Her friend promptly responded "What?" I giggled out loud and broke the grandma rule of not writing on my grandkids FB wall with "Translation: With our words, we're seeing our destinies." After all, she was having a deep and meaningful thought and I thought she should be understood. She liked me, she really really liked me (ha) or liked my interjection at least. Later she wrote on her wall, "My grandma is the BOMB!!" Which made me cry with happiness.

What word can bring meaning to the year 2012 as a whole for me, I am pondering. Happiness? Life? Relevance? that is a word. Be "RELEVANT"...Make a difference...Matter. This is a word I can admire.

relevant (ˈrɛlɪvənt)— adj
1. having direct bearing on the matter in hand; pertinent
2. linguistics another word for distinctive

Most of the time, I try to blend into the background. Being relevant may push me into my uncomfort zone. But the fact is, I do want to have a direct bearing on my life and those I love and care about in my life...I even want to make a difference in the lives that of those in my world that I can help in what ever way that I can.

So I think that is the word I will adopt for the year 2012, relevant. I think that I shall be relevant this year.