Friday, January 20, 2012

Week 3.2 The Make-up Post

Week 3 of the 52 in 2012 Blog Challenge and I need to post a makeup to catch up for missing Week 2.

I have been working on my 366 Photography Challenge this whole week. It is a struggle to find things to shoot indoors at night after I get home. The sun goes down so quickly and the objects in my house become targets to consider for macro-photography.

A photo of a kerosene lamp was scary when I over-filled the lamp and the flame almost became too hot. I had to quickly blow out the lamp and remove some of the kerosene. I eventually got the shot after I made the situation a little safer.

Tonight Cooper rushed out the door in the waning light and had to use my flash. I will be so glad to get more daylight and take more outdoor photos.

Cooper loves to hunt the feral cats in our neighborhood. He never catches them but he gave one a run for his money today.

I wish it was a tiny bit warmer. 13° makes my fingers hurt shooting (with my camera) outside right now. My target this weekend will be to shoot the feral cats and get a better look at the feline "city wildlife" that live in and around this area. I have to admit that they are probably the reason that we have not seen a mouse or bunny rabbits in the area for the last 2 years.

I also shot some food porn this week which always makes me happy. It combines my photography and cooking hobbies and that is always a good thing. I wish I could link the photo to the tantalizing smells in my kitchen when I am cooking. This is Roasted Broccoli with Buttered Garlic Breadcrumbs. Follow the link for the recipe. Yes, veggies can be so so good.

I am looking forward to finding new subjects for my lens. I need to carry my camera with me all the time. I see so many things to shoot when it is not with me.

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