Thursday, January 26, 2012

Week 4 Is This Really January in Omaha?

I don't know if I should pinch myself...I might wake up. This is January for goodness sake. I am accustomed to walking out everyday to 20° as a high temp and -20° as a low. I am accustomed to a foot of snow on the ground and more often like five foot of snow that has accumulated from December to January. We normally have days of waiting for snow plows to dig out our neighborhood streets. The sound of snowblowers buzzing has been missing.

Don't think I am complaining...not a bit. I am thrilled with 40° to 50° and even 60° in the afternoon IN JANUARY! We may drop to 20° at night, but I am not complaining. In fact I think I can count on one hand the number of times I have even had to scrape my windows. Did I mention this is in OMAHA, in JANUARY!?

Yesterday I wore a light jacket to work. When I went home for lunch, I left it there. No need for a jacket. Nearly every visitor to our office was remarking on how absolutely beautiful the day was.

On my way home, I was drawn to the park by the tall trees catching the late sun. I drove down to the pond and saw that the water was indeed iced over, but in this moment, it was so warm and beautiful...I had to capture the scene to remember a beautiful January day in Omaha.

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