Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week 3: Challenging Myself

Challenge I - 366 Photos in 2012

No question that I love to write. But I have other hobbies and one of my favorites is photography. My friend L in Savannah was doing a Photography Challenge for this year with her friends. I liked the idea so much, I stole it...or rather copied it (after all she is still doing her challenge.) The challenge is a photo per day (at least, can be more) for each day of the year 2012. It is Leap Year, so I am going to take at least 366 photos and post them to my Flickr acct.

I like this challenge a lot because although I have always enjoyed photography, I have never felt that I have excelled at it. I want the opportunity to make myself learn more about it. I want to force myself to see differently. To speak with pictures. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well from someone who loves the written word...that in itself is a challenge. What will I say with my photos? What will I discover?

I am always inspired by how young people see the world...without the filters of adulthood. Hanging out with my grandkids and children at the school that I work at, remind me of this and forces me to look again. I am grateful for their vision. I will try to remember their wonder as I pick up my camera with more thought and from many perspectives.

Challenge II - 52 Blog Pages in 2012

Oh and I also think that I have been neglecting my writing hobby as well. So maybe I better get back into the groove. I gave myself a photo per day...I can give myself a blog page a week challenge... my 52 in 2012 Blog Challenge. This is Week 3 and I did write a blog page on Jan 3rd. I am only missing Week 2, so maybe I write another page this week to make up for it.

Nextly...I feel that I have to challenge someone.

Some of my "Friend" blogs that have pretty good fan bases, have their followers because they write more than I do. Oh yea...and they also write well. Their pages are actually interesting.

Do they have more to say? Do they have more interesting lives that provide more blog fodder? Perhaps. I guess I need to be more reflective and creative. I think life at age 56 is still an adventure and I am still discovering myself. This can clearly be a path to fulfilling my Word for 2012 (Relevant - go back and read Week 1).

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