Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Week 1: January Thinking

Everyone starts off a new year with a clean slate. It is our way to reboot ourselves, give ourselves hope, take stock in ourselves and generally say goodbye to anything bad that has happened to us. I think this is a really good thing. Resolutions? No way... a resolution implies there is something wrong with us to begin with and then sets us up for failure.

My good friend T suggests instead of committing to a new resolution, find your new word for the year, her word being "alive". Each day she is going to commit to celebrating her aliveness.

I like this idea too. But what word can I truly commit to????

I love words, they bring deep meaning to our lives.

I had to laugh at my granddaughter J (14 yrs old) the other day as she wrote in her Facebook Page "With are words where seeling are destineys." Her friend promptly responded "What?" I giggled out loud and broke the grandma rule of not writing on my grandkids FB wall with "Translation: With our words, we're seeing our destinies." After all, she was having a deep and meaningful thought and I thought she should be understood. She liked me, she really really liked me (ha) or liked my interjection at least. Later she wrote on her wall, "My grandma is the BOMB!!" Which made me cry with happiness.

What word can bring meaning to the year 2012 as a whole for me, I am pondering. Happiness? Life? Relevance?

Relevance...now that is a word. Be "RELEVANT"...Make a difference...Matter. This is a word I can admire.

relevant (ˈrɛlɪvənt)— adj
1. having direct bearing on the matter in hand; pertinent
2. linguistics another word for distinctive

Most of the time, I try to blend into the background. Being relevant may push me into my uncomfort zone. But the fact is, I do want to have a direct bearing on my life and those I love and care about in my life...I even want to make a difference in the lives that of those in my world that I can help in what ever way that I can.

So I think that is the word I will adopt for the year 2012, relevant. I think that I shall be relevant this year.

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taughnee said...

This is truly beautiful Viki, and no surprise coming from you -- such a generous heart you have. Happy New Year to you!