Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Week 5 Hope is a four-letter word

Writing about things that I cannot write about this week. One situation that has touched my life is dire and something that I need to pay close attention to. Something I need to truly care about. But because it involves the lives of other family members, I cannot discuss it here, in this forum.

I wish I had the gift of magic this week, to be able to wave a magic wand and take away the pain that others in my extended family are feeling. I find myself wanting to swoop in like Superwoman to right everything that is wrong. I want to throw my arms around them all to comfort them and make the pain go away. Why does life for some have to be so painful.

Unfortunately, I am not a caped crusader, and real life is not so easily solved. No two-hour story with a fairy-tale ending. Life is hard, damned hard at times. Sometimes life comes at you full on and knocks you down. You must try with everything you have, to gut it out and pick yourself back up again, and move forward.

Being on the sideline, is difficult when you care so very much. But I need to do the little help. Things like writing, supporting, listening, loving and not judging. These are the things you do when you love unconditionally.

But things have been put into place to give us hope.

We all must have hope.


Peppi Turco said...

After 6 hours of pre superbowl show, I had just dozed off as the game finally began. Then I had a superwoman with a snow blower come and do my walk and drive.

By the time I realized what was going on she couldn't hear me.

Thanks, You don't need to worry. Your help is greatly appreciated. And things will be what they will be.

Love you Dearly,
Peppi Turco

Jean Harris said...

We all hate it when the ones we love are hurting and nothing we can do, but be there and listen. I can tell you are hurting too, Vik. Big hugs sent to you from here.
Love you,