Saturday, February 11, 2012

Week 6 II - Still trying to catch up

The list:
Day 1: Windows X
Day 2: Clouds X
Day 3: Textures X
Day 4: Formless Substance - Water X
Day 5: Symmetry - Like right, like left X
Day 6: Winter X
Day 7: Morning X
Day 8: Blue X
Day 9: Black & White
Day 10: Unconventional Sunset X
Day 11: Everyday X
Day 12: Night X
Day 13: Book in a different light
Day 14: Cup of Joe X
Day 15: Repeat
Day 16: Landscape X
Day 17: Yellow
Day 18: Depth of Field X
Day 19: Landmark
Day 20: Shadow
Day 21: Trees X
Day 22: Free Choice
Day 23: Fruit or Vegetable
Day 24: Fabric
Day 25: Portrait
Day 26: Red X

I am doing at least 2 photos a day to catch up. So next up is Day 9: Black & White and whatever is on Day 27.

Today I posted Day 7: Morning I and Morning II. I decided to capture the delicate low light of the morning that was coming through the window and beginning to blanket my orchids in the dining room.

And at the end of the day I posted Day 26: Red. This is the really cool Tomatoware that my father-in-law Ned gave me from his Grandma Sweet's collection.

Now on my other group, today is 42:366. I am using my photos for both sets.

Lastly, I have to quit this post because I am listening to the news and Whitney Houston has died. I am so sad about this. She was an amazing, talented woman and it does not seem right that she is gone, so young at 48. R.I.P. Whitney.

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