Thursday, February 9, 2012

Week 6 - PhotoBlog? Maybe

It's true! I am consumed by my latest passion, photography. I am soooooo enjoying this photo per day 'thang', so much so that I am not doing just one project, I am doing two online groups that are posting a photo per day. The first one, my friend Leanne got me interested in "365 Photo Challenge: Take a photo every day of 2012" which is a small closed group of around 50 really nice people sharing some everyday shots. It didn't seem to have a real direction other than to share a photo a day. I wasn't sure that the challenge was enough for me.

I then heard about another group through my poker buddy Jean. Her daughter is very much a younger version of me in our interests. Art, photography, cooking, writing, etc. Lisa is in a group called Project 365 Photos which is much bigger in scope and has people from all over the world participating. Neel from is the host and gives every one a photo assignment per day. I feel a bit more challenged on this one, especially because I am trying to catch up to be up-to-date.

So I am posting to both. On top of that, I am doing a personal challenge with Tony just because I love his eye and his conviction to do good photography. So we both post at Flickr in order to share.

I also tapped the shoulder of an old friend Dean who is a professional photographer to give my work a look-see and give me some honest feedback. Basically he says I have a few good moments (he really liked my Sunlit Flight) and that he can see that I am trying to see better, but I am not quite pulling things off technically. He reminded me of basics..."The Rule of Thirds" and not breaking rules. I think I am going to heed his advice and spend the year getting better at basics before I feel arrogant enough to break rules... just because.

So for the present and near future, this blog will probably resemble a PhotoBlog. I hope you enjoy the photos.


Lisa B said...

Viki! You're so sweet! I couldn't agree with you more about the 365 "Challenge" some days are better than others but I am totally addicted now! I once heard if you do something for 21 days in a rown then it becomes a habit, I'm sure you're already there! See you on the daily!!!

Viki Anderson said... more like obsession.