Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Week 7: Learning photography can be a contact sport

I am actively trying to teach myself better photography. In order to do that, getting critical feedback is essential to find the areas that I need to work on to get better. I like compliments, I really do, but only if I really deserve it. I am not asking people to like my work unless they really do. I am probably going to be my own worst critic. Tough feedback can sting, but if it is the right kind of critique, I hope to grow from the experience.

My friend Susan reminded me of a great resource that I had forgotten about. is a wonderful place to learn via great professionals' video classes. I went ahead and subscribed at $25 a month that can be stopped at any time so that I could go through the Canon Rebel videos to learn all that my camera can do. Waaaaay better than trying to read that dang handbook. They also have some great photography fundamentals video classes. I am going to try to go through all of the photography classes they have. Of course there are some great books out there and I may start looking for some to purchase in the future.

I want to be serious about this hobby, but I also want to have a lot of fun doing it. I hope the learning part of this does not interfere with the fun part of this.

These shots make me happy:

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Jean Harris said...

Love the tulips, Vik. Makes me thing spring! My bright yellow crocus are all up around my gas light. Always happy to see them, but since we had no winter this year, I just assumed they would be there. Love them.