Thursday, February 23, 2012

Week 8: Working on Composition

I am working hard on Composition. I find I really love Black & White. It makes honing in on composition a lot easier. I am working on the basics: Rule of Thirds, Working with Lines, Focal Points, The Odd Rule, Framing, Patterns, Symmetry, Texture, Depth of Field, Perspective, Space, Balance and Color. But this is the easy stuff.

Sometimes composition feels like a norm for me, must be my graphics background. I have been working with images my entire professional life. No brainer that a lot of this is also basics in graphic design. Making the leap to photography is not that distant a leap. But understanding my camera and lenses is another animal entirely. This is where I have the most to learn. I want to learn the technical stuff that it become like breathing. But...My brain gets in the way. F5.4 is a bigger than aperture than F11...meaning that depth of field will be shorter??? Who the heck can remember all this stuff. Aaaaarrrggghhh!

I'm working on it.

I have found some great aids to help me remember: has become an invaluable resource:

I LOVED the tutorials on the mechanics of my camera! Who knew?!!! For those of you who hate reading the damn manual, video tutorials are the way to go. Now I am checking out the Fundamentals courses. Absolutely fabulous so far. So thanks again Susan for reminding me of this resource.

I also really like Digital Photography School. This is a really great site. I have found a lot of reference material here and also great commentary from users of the site.

Here are some of this last weeks efforts.


Jean Harris said...

Nice pics, Viki. But if I were you, I wouldn't try climbing those stairs. :)
I admire you and Lisa and Cathy for sticking to this project. I look forward to seeing the new pictures every day.
Hope you are well and happy.
Love ya

Peppi Turco said...

You know what you're doing, it's obvious it comes naturally for you. I like where you take the overlooked parts of the world around us and make it into something unique. And into something that makes a statement, and evokes an emotion. Keep it up, keep it up, keep it up...

Viki Anderson said...

Thanks Jean and Peppi! I am glad you are enjoying this project.