Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Week 10: It's the Light

I am working on Miller Park School's 100th Anniversary Celebration invitation. Everyone wanted a photo of the school to be used, but it is March and nothing is in bloom and all the vegetation is dead looking. I wish I had had my camera available to me last September when the roses were all in bloom and the grounds were amazing. But alas, we did not have this forethought and I did not have a camera at my disposal. I should have at least tried a shot with my camera phone, but not having enough photography smarts at that time was not going to get me there back then. Oh well.

I had taken a shot last week of a different perspective of the school for kicks. I liked it and I like the lighting.

I decided to zoom out further for yesterday's shot to get more of the old part of the building and the new at the same time. The wind was blowing and I got a nice shot.

Although this was basically the shot I wanted, it lacked...color. It was really pretty flat and I was disappointed because it just looked like a slanted snapshot. Not what I was after.

Then it dawned on me...it's the light. The shot I had taken before was taken at the end of the day when the sun was on the other side of the school. DUH! So I anxiously waited for the end of the day again to retake the shot and I was much happier.

I am so amazed by the change of blue in the sky from dull baby blue to a brilliant cerulean. So that is how you get color into a snapshot to make it a photograph!


Jean Harris said...

You continue to amaze me. How did you get so darn smart?
Nice shots, Vik.

Viki Anderson said...

Thanks Jean!